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Direct Links: Dress, Shoes It's crazy how you can seriously go to a place a million times, drive by it a million and one times and never give it a second thought. Whilst channel surfing recently, I came across a familiar looking building and stopped. The movie was Gattaca and the building was the civic center located in Marin County, CA. Am I building this up enough? I'll move along...

The San Rafael Civic center is a place where normal business occurs- nothing too fancy. However I was intrigued to explore after seeing it in this film and needless to say, I was not disappointed. When I actually stepped back and had a chance to absorb this gem of a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the late 50's/ early 60s- I was beyond inspired.

Let's reel it in now. I wanted to shoot dresses that were straight up Hollywood. I'm talking Norma-Jean's Hollywood- and this location was perfect. Some of these images remind me of scenes from a classic movie or musical or behind the scenes shots of a classic movie or musical, Understatedly theatrical and glorious.

All photots by: BettyByrd Photography Dress available here, shoes available here





Inspiration isn't hard to come by when you're dreaming of Art-Deco and beaded gowns. I have been itching to be surrounded by history and something that could take me back to a time and place I have visited only in my imagination- the 1920's. I wanted to have the perfect dress to match the perfect background and have it be 100% authentic given my love for vintage and glamour and drama and and... There was this dress I had seen over a year ago at one of my favorite consignment store in the north bay 'What Poppy Wants' that was so romantic I couldn't stand it (in a good way of course). This dress was from the 1920's, so naturally I was a girl on a mission. My fellow vintage collectors at 'Poppy' were on board and I was most definitely in good hands with San Francisco and Oakland for potential backdrops because I knew these cities have buildings designed by Timothy L. Pflueger.

450 Sutter in San Francisco was the ideal setting for this dream to come true. My Neo-Mayan Art-Deco 1920's photo shoot dreams came true! It's surprising to think this building was designed in 1929 and literally looks like it is dipped in gold. The lobby alone gave us enough drama and an eerie beauty that I am through the moon in love with.

Dress: Vintage

Photos by: BettyByrd Photography Makeup/Hair by: Navita Margueritte

In Living Color



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Prom season is among us. This year has made me take notice due to the exciting dresses I've stumbled upon. First off I must mention that gown maven Georgina Chapman one half of the amazing Marchesa fashion house has come up with her own line, "pearl by Georgina Chapman of Marchesa" for JCPenny. Though this is a younger line I have my eye on some pieces. I always love it when an amazing designer makes their design more accessible to the masses (we all want to wear Marchesa lets be honest). Award season preceding prom season also lends the general public to websites and other clothing manufacturers that offer knock offs that are pretty impressive. (If you follow my Instagram you know that was one site I found to have some great dresses that are similar to looks we saw on the red carpet.) Not to be overlooked is vintage prom dresses. I never went to prom, but when I think of it I think of the movie Grease and the prom dresses that were featured in it; they were candy like, girly and fun!

This dress on my model has such a classic look and is more for the party-goer that doesn't want to wear a gown yet still wants to stand out. Whether its prom or another special occasion vintage is a no-brainer. So pop over to the shop, pick a dress and party on.

I am so excited I got to collaborate with one of my favorite photographers again for this Shoot. Linda Betty of BettyByrd Photography. Having to pick a couple of images was hard so I picked more than usual. There were so many beautiful images how could I resist? I'm only human.


Dress: Vintage Shoes: Anthropologie, Clutch: Prada.  Makeup/Hair: Navita Margueritte

Wide Open Spaces



Here is more breath taking images from the photo shoot I styled for Francisco Chavira and Justin Molina of Snap It|See It . I love how the striking landscape flows flawlessly with the color and design of this vintage inspired Anthropologie dress from last Spring. Picking images for these last couple of posts was really hard. I love the different stories that can be told from one pose just by being photographed from up close, then from farther away. This post became less about showing the dress (shocking) and more about the images that resonated with me.