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Direct Links: Dress, Shoes It's crazy how you can seriously go to a place a million times, drive by it a million and one times and never give it a second thought. Whilst channel surfing recently, I came across a familiar looking building and stopped. The movie was Gattaca and the building was the civic center located in Marin County, CA. Am I building this up enough? I'll move along...

The San Rafael Civic center is a place where normal business occurs- nothing too fancy. However I was intrigued to explore after seeing it in this film and needless to say, I was not disappointed. When I actually stepped back and had a chance to absorb this gem of a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the late 50's/ early 60s- I was beyond inspired.

Let's reel it in now. I wanted to shoot dresses that were straight up Hollywood. I'm talking Norma-Jean's Hollywood- and this location was perfect. Some of these images remind me of scenes from a classic movie or musical or behind the scenes shots of a classic movie or musical, Understatedly theatrical and glorious.

All photots by: BettyByrd Photography Dress available here, shoes available here