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Inspiration isn't hard to come by when you're dreaming of Art-Deco and beaded gowns. I have been itching to be surrounded by history and something that could take me back to a time and place I have visited only in my imagination- the 1920's. I wanted to have the perfect dress to match the perfect background and have it be 100% authentic given my love for vintage and glamour and drama and and... There was this dress I had seen over a year ago at one of my favorite consignment store in the north bay 'What Poppy Wants' that was so romantic I couldn't stand it (in a good way of course). This dress was from the 1920's, so naturally I was a girl on a mission. My fellow vintage collectors at 'Poppy' were on board and I was most definitely in good hands with San Francisco and Oakland for potential backdrops because I knew these cities have buildings designed by Timothy L. Pflueger.

450 Sutter in San Francisco was the ideal setting for this dream to come true. My Neo-Mayan Art-Deco 1920's photo shoot dreams came true! It's surprising to think this building was designed in 1929 and literally looks like it is dipped in gold. The lobby alone gave us enough drama and an eerie beauty that I am through the moon in love with.

Dress: Vintage

Photos by: BettyByrd Photography Makeup/Hair by: Navita Margueritte