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Prom season is among us. This year has made me take notice due to the exciting dresses I've stumbled upon. First off I must mention that gown maven Georgina Chapman one half of the amazing Marchesa fashion house has come up with her own line, "pearl by Georgina Chapman of Marchesa" for JCPenny. Though this is a younger line I have my eye on some pieces. I always love it when an amazing designer makes their design more accessible to the masses (we all want to wear Marchesa lets be honest). Award season preceding prom season also lends the general public to websites and other clothing manufacturers that offer knock offs that are pretty impressive. (If you follow my Instagram you know that was one site I found to have some great dresses that are similar to looks we saw on the red carpet.) Not to be overlooked is vintage prom dresses. I never went to prom, but when I think of it I think of the movie Grease and the prom dresses that were featured in it; they were candy like, girly and fun!

This dress on my model has such a classic look and is more for the party-goer that doesn't want to wear a gown yet still wants to stand out. Whether its prom or another special occasion vintage is a no-brainer. So pop over to the shop, pick a dress and party on.

I am so excited I got to collaborate with one of my favorite photographers again for this Shoot. Linda Betty of BettyByrd Photography. Having to pick a couple of images was hard so I picked more than usual. There were so many beautiful images how could I resist? I'm only human.


Dress: Vintage Shoes: Anthropologie, Clutch: Prada.  Makeup/Hair: Navita Margueritte