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Inspiration isn't hard to come by when you're dreaming of Art-Deco and beaded gowns. I have been itching to be surrounded by history and something that could take me back to a time and place I have visited only in my imagination- the 1920's. I wanted to have the perfect dress to match the perfect background and have it be 100% authentic given my love for vintage and glamour and drama and and... There was this dress I had seen over a year ago at one of my favorite consignment store in the north bay 'What Poppy Wants' that was so romantic I couldn't stand it (in a good way of course). This dress was from the 1920's, so naturally I was a girl on a mission. My fellow vintage collectors at 'Poppy' were on board and I was most definitely in good hands with San Francisco and Oakland for potential backdrops because I knew these cities have buildings designed by Timothy L. Pflueger.

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